When using Shaparency you have the option to create tasks. Tasks serve as a virtual reminder for a user to get a job done prior to a meeting or following one. To create a task, visit the task and click on the create a task button.

Once selected, a tab will open, where you can link your task to an upcoming meeting in your organization. Do note; if you wish to do this, then you must have already created a meeting. If you don't know how to create a meeting, please refer to our FAQ -How to create a meeting.

Following this, you can create a name for your task, add a due date and assign an owner to take responsibility for this task.

If you wish, you can link it to an agenda item on an upcoming meeting. To do this, an agenda item must have been created. If you don't know how to add an item, please refer to our FAQ- How to add an agenda item.

In the description section, describe what the task entails, add a tag if you wish and save.

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